Aston Martin Autumn Magazine 2018

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In the Autumn I decided to advertise in the Aston Martin Magazine having been asked by their sales team if I wanted to get involved. My visual advert had to be approved by Aston Martin HQ, before it was even accepted to go in the magazine. I then took out a full page advert and this has been a great success. I have had many enquires and talked to a lot of Aston Martin owners all over the world and have had some really exciting commissions to create one off bespoke pieces of the cars, owned by the readers of the magazine. I have the classic Aston Martin Vantage X Pack shown here on the advert. This I did for a client who now owns the car and I was able to do a short limited edition run of only 3 in a large size. It originally belonged to Elton John who owned the car from new in the 1970's. It came originally in Mandarin yellow with a feature stripe painted in the Watford Football club colours at that time. It was then later updated in 1988 at Aston Martin Works  to the X Pack along with other works. He changed the paint colour then to a much more traditional Aston Martin blue with an ivory interior. It then sold through Nicholas Mee a few years ago ,to the current owner. They have had number of his other cars for sale from his collection, that were originally sold by Christies in 2001. The...

Royal Automobile Club Pall Mall

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I was so pleased to be selected by the Royal Automobile Club committee to exhibit my automotive art work  for 6 weeks at the RAC Club in Pall Mall London this Spring. Such a wonderful opportunity  to be included in their art programme for the year of artists to show in the Hanging  Room. Thank you to Tim Griffin who was so supportive through out the organisation of the exhibition and...

E Type Jaguar Classic Car print

Classic Car Print, interiors, Limited edition prints, Vintage
Exciting, so looking forward to getting the samples done for another of my Classic Cars. The E Type Jaguar. This is the car I have always wanted… still wishing one day! So in the mean time I will have to hang it on my wall and look at it! . I will be once again doing only a limited edition of these cars to add to my collection. They should be available in the next few weeks  size 1400 x 570mm. Custom sizes will be available on...

Vintage Classic Cars New collection

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Here is a sneaky peak at 2 of my new prints of classic cars I will be showing for the first time at Wimbledon Art Open Studios on 15th - 18th May. I am really excited as they are much bigger than I have printed before and I have wanted to do these for ages, so at last I have done them! I can't wait to get them up on the wall! I am already deciding which other ones to do next to add to the...

Screen printed Vintage cine camera

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I have finished these 3 colour way, limited edition screen prints, of one of my vintage cine cameras! I have really enjoyed printing these on a much larger scale than the others i have done, these are A1. It's been great for me to have to get used to over laying colour and  build up as I go, as I usually print the colour straight on to the white of the paper. So its been a bit of an experiment for me this time and it's been really fun! So I will just have to decide which other ones to do to add to this series. I will be showing these and many of my other screen prints at the Wimbledon Art Open Studios on the 15th - 18th May! Free...