Mclaren F1

I have just finished the art work for my next Supercar art print, which I will be taking to exhibit at The London Classic Car Show on the 18th – 21st February at The ExCel London.

It is the Mclaren F1, designed by Gordon Murray and manufactured by Mclaren Cars. This was the first million dollar sports car, a supercar that set the record for the fastest production car, reaching 231mph on March the 31st 1998. In 1995 They were and still are the first and only manufacturer to win the 24 LeMans race on the first attempt.

Only 106 cars were made from 1992- 1998. Mclaren lost money on each of the cars built, costing more than £600k. But now they can reach up to £9m when they rarely appear for sale.

Gordon Murray will be interviewed live on stage at the show at the preview evening on Thursday 18th  February to discuss the Maclaren F1 “The Inside Story”. There is also a collection of Mclaren cars on show as part of this exhibition.



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